Sygic Drive v7.193.86 - Maporama DriveMe 2008 для Ноутбука



1.В директории TRAFFIC7/создаём папку Default и Drivers и в папке Drivers создаём папку Default далее копируем Device.dll и Driver.dll в Default и Drivers /Default .

2.Запускаем программу и включаем автодетект.

Карты можно положить в любое место,просто указать в какой папке лежат они.

Здесь на языке оригинала

скрытый текст

The solution to put iDrive, Allview Drive, Sygic Drive or whatever they/you call it, on a notebook or PC desktop, running Windows XP (SP2, my case) with bluetooth GPS device (16 channels, NMEA protocol): 8)

1. unzip it to an *whatever u name it* folder

2. proceed to exec file "copytohdd.bat"

3. create a shortcut on your desktop to file Drive.exe (the path is "C:\TRAFFIC7\Drive.exe")

4. at the properties of your newly created shortcut of Drive.exe, put the parameter "-rfull" (whitout " ") after .exe. This option will run the navigation software in full screen mode. Example: " C:\TRAFFIC7\Drive.exe -rfull "

5. copy the maps to the parent directory, and for full navigation whitout restriction of country borders, create a file *.mlm in to TRAFFIC7 directory, call it "Europe.mlm", in witch you'll put all the maps you just copied (Maporama DriveMe maps addon style). The maps from Maporama ar fully compatible with Sygic or Traffic7 or Allview or whatever you know it (i copied all the maps found in this forum subject to my notebook and all are working fine). The only map that cause problems is Hungary map!!!

now it's the tricky part of the GPS device on bluetooth

6. in directory TRAFFIC7 create a folder named "Default" (without " " ) and a directory named "Drivers" (without " " ). In Drivers create a folder named "Default" (without " " ).

7. in folder Default and Drivers/Default copy the files Device.dll and Driver.dll

8. now you can run the navigation software without any restriction of maps, GPS or other kind.

9. in the Settings menu go to GPS settings and choose Autodetect, for detection of your GPS device. In my case i had to modify the GPS data transfer baud rate from 4800 to 9600.